[LMB] OT: penguin parade in Oz

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Good idea!

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Hi all listees  something to cheer everyone up during the COVID 19 lockdown.  Victoria has been very hard hit by the second wave of the virus infection. So the rangers at Phillip Island have decided to livestream on Facebook and utube the nightly penguin parade of the fairy penguins as they march out of the sea and climb the extremely rocky cliffs to reach their burrows where their hungry chicks are waiting for food. Fairy penguins are very tiny but manage to climb very tall cliffs.

Normally during breeding season Phillip island is swamped with tourist from all over Australia and the world but because of the dreaded virus no visitors have been allowed so starting today at 6.00pm AEST the parade will be live-streamed from 6.00 pm to 6.30pm. The rangers will be discussing their habits and some of the local penguin characters. Something to cheer everyone up. This is intended to be shown every night for some time

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Helen Fenton

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