[LMB] OT: Governor’s Orders

Damien Sullivan phoenix at mindstalk.net
Sun Nov 15 06:29:41 GMT 2020

On Sat, Nov 14, 2020 at 10:36:14PM +0000, WILLIAM A WENRICH wrote:
> It was on Facebook. Certainly possible that it was wrong. In fact I intended the post as a joke. So if my governor did not in fact ask us to wear masks at home, I apologize.

This makes no sense.  If you really thought the governor was mandating
indoor masks, what's the joke?  If you were joking, why is your apology
conditional on your being wrong?

"Certainly possible it was wrong" -- you've been shown official sources
showing that it was wrong, and yet you continue to rate some unspecified
Facebook post as equally credible with the New Mexico Department of
Health.  Why should we ever take your claims seriously, if that's how
you rank sources?

> I am against national and statewide mandates. I don’t think the people in Waldo, NM (an unincorporated town near Madrid, NM) need to follow the same rules as Albuquerque. I really don’t think that I need to wear a mask when I am walking alone on a hiking trail with no one around. 
People travel between Waldo and Madrid.  It's a lot easier to just go
"we have a national emergency, everyone wear masks outside the home"
than to trust people, many of them wilfully ignorant, to judge risk
thresholds properly.

You're right, you don't need to wear a mask on a trail with no one
around.  And if no one's around, there'll be no one to see you with your
mask down.

> Our governor (NM) is shutting down restaurants and family get togethers for Thanksgiving.

Good.  Sad but necessary.

> I hope that she won’t stop my granddaughters from seeing me.

You value seeing them an extra time over their health, or yours?

People thinking like you are why the pandemic is reaching new crisis
levels.  You are literally part of the problem.

> It is true that most of the more unreasonable mandates have been from governors in other states. The not being able to plant tomatoes and not able to buy lightbulbs was in Michigan. 

No, it's not true.  The "not able to plant tomatoes" never happened.
You are spreading lies, William.  Politically motivated lies:


And I'm fairly sure you were corrected on this before.

God know what the "lightbulbs" claim is based on.

> The governor of California said that people should put their masks on between bites.

That was true and stupid, but it was a tweet, not an official rule.

> The response to COVID-19 has been relentlessly political. 

Yes, mostly from anti-maskers and deniers who ignore science and medicine.

> The death rate per million numbers are all over the place. Unlike what I hear on the news, the US is not worse than anywhere else. Neither is Sweden.


The US is 11th highest in the world, out of nearly 200 countries, in deaths per
capita.  Sweden is 20th.  You can look at the numbers yourself.  They
are, in fact, worse than most of the world -- worse than around 170
countries in the case of the US.  And it's not like the difference are
trivial: the USA is 757 deaths per million, Sweden is 609, Canda -- #44
-- is 288.  Australia is 35 deaths per million.

250,000 Americans have been killed by botched and intransigent response.
If we had managed it like Australia, then 240,000 Americans would still
be alive today.  If we'd managed it like *Canada*, 150,000 Americans
would still be alive.

9/11 killed fewer than 3000 Americans and we started two wars for it.
Covid has killed 250,000 Americans and people like you still refuse to
wear a mask or forego unnecessary visits.

Just yesterady, 1260 Americans died due to coronavirus.  That's more
than 1/3 of a 9/11.  And still we're complacent.

-xx- Damien X-)

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