[LMB] Details in Science Fiction

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I've a collection of Willie and Joe cartoons somewhere in storage. They're still funny. And yes they're well lubricated. A favorite is the cavalry officer covering his eyes and pointing his pistol at the hood of his wrecked jeep.

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"Drinking alcohol in a war zone?"

Some day I have GOT to familiarize you with Bill Mauldin's "Up Front"

Willie and Joe RAN on grappa!

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> >> It occurs to me to wonder---what makes you sure that the people in
> Piper's
> >> stories were smoking* tobacco?*
> > As idiotic as using tobacco is, using it in space or in artificial
> > atmospheres even more, using an intoxicant in space is doubly so.  It'd
> be
> > like drinking alcohol in a war zone.
> afaik that is done quite regularily
> although reportedly the fench army no longer includes small wine bottles
> in its MRE's, the Royal Navy ships are still wet ..
> servus
> markus
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