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Well I got my first Imsai in 1975. Started by loading a TDL Basic 
Interpreter from cassette via a ROM monitor. No disks yet nor modems. 
Several years later, moved up to CP/M 80 and disks and a modem (300 
Baud, don't remember who built it). We did not have email yet but had 
Bulletin Board Systems. I was responsible for the code of one using Ward 
Christensen's program (LICA - The Long Island Computer Association's 
board). I did not have the hardware because we required a Long Island 
phone number, and I lived in Brooklyn. Nothing like the Web yet. I 
graduated to an IBM clone running DOS in 1987, and got to the Web in 
1992. An early user of Panix, which I had learned of from a BBS where I 
was a habitue.


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>I started working with computers at Sandia National Laboratories. While waiting for my clearance, I was given a DEC-10 manual, a Fortran 4 manual, and a Silent 700 terminal with a 300 baud acoustic modem and told, "We need a programmer. Teach yourself how to program." One of the things I did during the next 35 years was to build the first large (several buildings) network at Sandia and the first email system, CC:Mail. One of the earliest problems we had was with another set of programs (I honestly can't remember the name) that insisted that they had the rights to anything that started with the letters "CC". An interesting point was that, for the first time, Sandians had to have their own user names. The powers that be settled on First initial, Middle initial, and first five letters of the last name. Notice my email address. The fact that Sandia had two Raymond W. Smiths at the time, who we had to differentiate, just added spice.
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>Because I've been around doing IT type work for long enough. I was on the Internet with dial up 1200 baud modems. There was a Unix system in Denver, CO called Nyx, which anybody could dial into and use. It was great!
>And around 1997 I think I helped administer a Netware network running something called CC:Mail, and when they switched to NT4 servers and Microsoft services it was a sort of terrible day. Not super-terrible, because Netware definitely had its very own problems.
>I saw the rise of Outlook and the fall of proper email quoting.
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