[LMB] Vat protein (was: SF Inventions I want)

Susan Waltman goodwoof at cox.net
Tue Sep 1 08:59:04 BST 2020

Just in the news last week:


I have previously seen articles about vat grown shrimp & pork, almost ready 
for prime time in Asia. Texture is apparently still a challenge, so they 
are looking to start with egg roll fillings, where it is less critical.

Here is a fairly long, current article on various meat alternatives:

No mentions yet of "vat octopus pizza" (Cryoburn)...

Susan and the salukis

PS -- Apologies for my previous post a few days ago. I did try to trim it! 
But I've been sidelined by health issues for a while, and not doing much 
email. So I didn't realize my stupid email editor (or is that redundant 
these days?) did an "upgrade" and got stupider, changing the default on how 
it treats message  text I am responding to. Used to be that I had to 
explicitly show & include quotes. Now I have to make sure to hunt down & 
kill even the barely visible "hidden" quotes... Lesson learned!

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