[LMB] What would you do if the Vorkosigan family came to visit?

Susan Waltman goodwoof at cox.net
Tue Sep 1 09:15:02 BST 2020

I live near DC.
International Spy Museum, of course!

The engineers & light flyer enthusiasts would enjoy one or both of the 
Smithsonian Air & Space Museums. Everyone thinks first of the one downtown 
on the National Mall. But the Udvar-Hazy (in northern Virginia, next to 
Dulles Airport) has more room. So it has the Space shuttle, the Blackbird 
SR 71, hot air balloon, a Gemini capsule (2 men/ 2 weeks/ barely room to 
turn around): things that would be of interest even without a shared 
cultural significance of the items.

National Arboretum and several other local garden/ horticultural parks.

Susan and the salukis

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