[LMB] Birthday Tixie

Eric Oppen ravenclaweric at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 16:20:55 BST 2020

The Birthday Tixie, alert and on the job (for once) comes in and announces:

Today, September 1, is the birthday of our fellow listies Gordon Jackson
and Suey (also known as "queenoftart."  For your birthday, you are invited
to tour the Vorkosigan District Annual Fair, with Piotr Vorkosigan as your
guide.  You'll see the horse barns, where the Vorkosigan District breeds
some of the finest steeds on Barrayar.  Then you will be taken through the
areas where the locals put on displays of their handicrafts, including some
unique to Barrayar, to be judged by knowledgable judges, the livestock
barns where hopeful breeders show off their finest animals while competing
for the coveted blue ribbon, and the music competition.  Musicians from all
over the District come, each hoping to take home the Fair's first prize, a
source of bragging rights for years to come.

After you see the "business" parts of the fair, then it's time for fun!
Rides, the midway with its many honest games (any that are found to be
dishonest are soon shut down with the proprietors explaining themselves to
unamused Vorkosigan retainers), cotton candy and all sorts of goodies, and,
in the evening, a fireworks display.  It's a way to get to see the District
that is unequalled.

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