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Way Hey! love a fair. I'm stiil in here, reading selected threads, although
not responding much. Running my own 2 business is taking up an awful lot of
life. By the time I get to them my points have generally been made by

Still really appreciating you all and LMB in particular

On Tue, 1 Sep 2020 at 16:22, Eric Oppen <ravenclaweric at gmail.com> wrote:

> The Birthday Tixie, alert and on the job (for once) comes in and announces:
> Today, September 1, is the birthday of our fellow listies Gordon Jackson
> and Suey (also known as "queenoftart."  For your birthday, you are invited
> to tour the Vorkosigan District Annual Fair, with Piotr Vorkosigan as your
> guide.  You'll see the horse barns, where the Vorkosigan District breeds
> some of the finest steeds on Barrayar.  Then you will be taken through the
> areas where the locals put on displays of their handicrafts, including some
> unique to Barrayar, to be judged by knowledgable judges, the livestock
> barns where hopeful breeders show off their finest animals while competing
> for the coveted blue ribbon, and the music competition.  Musicians from all
> over the District come, each hoping to take home the Fair's first prize, a
> source of bragging rights for years to come.
> After you see the "business" parts of the fair, then it's time for fun!
> Rides, the midway with its many honest games (any that are found to be
> dishonest are soon shut down with the proprietors explaining themselves to
> unamused Vorkosigan retainers), cotton candy and all sorts of goodies, and,
> in the evening, a fireworks display.  It's a way to get to see the District
> that is unequalled.
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