[LMB] Barrayaran fishing in real life

Ron Conescu ronconescu at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 15:31:10 BST 2020

> A technique used here in Texas is to throw two long wires into a pond or
tank, and hook the leads to a welder. The electric field stuns the fish,
and you can scoop them up in a net.
> The fish and wildlife service uses this to survey and sample fish
populations in some States.

I’m reminded of this:



“For a long time, people didn't really notice that electrofishing injured
fish at all. For the most part, stunned fish seemed to be fine after a few
minutes. However, they frequently suffer from internal damage which isn't
obvious from the outside. The electric current causes involuntary muscle
spasms, which can fracture the fish's vertebrae [...] A human who fell into
the water in front of a typical electrofishing boat could easily die. [...]
Electrofishing temporarily stops a fish's heart.”


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