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On Mon, 31 Aug 2020 23:29:44 -0400, Fred Smith
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>On Tue, Sep 01, 2020 at 02:25:42AM +0000, WILLIAM A WENRICH wrote:
>> An interesting point was
>> that, for the first time, Sandians had to have their own user names. The
>> powers that be settled on First initial, Middle initial, and first five
>> letters of the last name. Notice my email address. The fact that Sandia
>> had two Raymond W. Smiths at the time, who we had to differentiate,
>> just added spice.
>Place I worked my last 28 years had a policy where email addresses were
>first initial and four letters of last name. Worked fine, except for
>the sales manager named Peter Rick. :)

My business partner worked for a bank, which had a Unix (to be precise:
AIX) based system, thinly coated with a GUI of sorts so that it was not
*quite* as user-hostile as a cornered rat.

The idea was that a branch manager could effectively be the sysadmin for
the local cluster.  So there was a "simple" interface that let the
manager set up and manage users.

The userid was based on surname.  Once the details were entered, the
system would create all the necessary structures, such as user account,
folders etc.  If anything went wrong, it would attempt to delete what it
had created, so as to return the system to a known state, and then
Support would get involved.

All was well, until a certain Miss Root joined a branch......
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