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>> Many years ago, my husband wrote part of a screenplay for Star Trek: Next Generation, about a crewman with religious objections to the transporter on just that ground. Through mischance, he was the only one in position to do an emergency transport off a ship that was about to explode. He refused, since the crew would be dead either way and he didn't want to be the one to kill them. A court martial ensued . . . .
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>> I'm in two minds about teleporters - on the one hand, they're
>> convenient. OTOH, you die every time you use one.
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> I'm recalling a story where that consideration lead to a form of Sufism
> becoming the dominant religion…

Would it be one of the “Reformed Sufi” stories (written by Ray Brown) that appeared in Analog in 1982 and 1983? Titles were "A Change of Employment”, "Looking for the Celestial Master”, “Credos”, and "Identity Crisis”.

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