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> I think Alan Frisbee (of LQA fandom, but no relation to the toy folk, but his business is Flying Disk Systems) in the second half of the 1980’s, was a wizard with DEC-10s, and he could charge whatever rate he wanted, because it was a dying breed th.at <http://th.at/>some companies were unwilling to let go

The Dec 10 and 20 were miles ahead of the IBM series which were suffering from lack of address space,
which has been a long time problem for many systems.

The original Mac OS, used the upper eight bits of the 32 bits and thus was restricted to a 24 bit address space.
Later Apple had to address this problem and we had to use 32 bit clean programs and compatibility modes.

Albeit, the original 1984 Mac OS was a masterpiece of shoving a WYSIWYG interface into that limited 
processing and restricted memory and disk space machine.

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