[LMB] SF Inventions I want

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Tue Sep 8 04:56:42 BST 2020

> On Sep 7, 2020, at 3:29 PM, Jean Lamb <tlambs1138 at charter.net> wrote:
>> On Sep 6, 2020, at 11:10 PM, Howard Brazee <howard at brazee.net <mailto:howard at brazee.net>> wrote:
>> I would like to see the ability to teach everybody a standard language with standard pronunciation.
> --I believe the Academie Francais has been working on that for a couple of centuries. It's not looking good. 
> (for one thing, teenagers will gleefully corrupt any language to insert meanings they don’t want their parents to know about). 

Oh yes.   Lot of our non-phonetic words *used* to be phonetic.   Words like “nightingale”.

But if we could plug in a language, maybe for commerce and diplomacy, that could be useful.

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