[LMB] transporter wrongness OT:

Joel Polowin jpolowin at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 10 05:52:43 BST 2020

Matthew George <matt.msg at gmail.com> wrote:
> Not quite.  But much depends on what you mean by 'destruction'.
> Transporters cause matter to enter an exotic state involving partial
> conversion to energy, move that exotic matter-energy configuration to
> another location, and restore its original state.  The transporter
> 'pattern' can be scanned and filtered to a limited degree, but not
> otherwise altered without killing the subject, and cannot be duplicated.
> Patterns can be stored, or attempted to be stored, but doing so is quite
> dangerous and risks corruption of the preserved structure, resulting in
> death in the best case and survival in some of the worst.  They cannot be
> copied, duplicated, or doubled by ST technology, although there have been
> rare cases of this occurring due to unusual environmental conditions.  (See
> the case of William and Thomas Riker.)

It can't be done... except on those occasions when it happens.

Cases such as the Kirk duplication and the Riker duplication prove that
the transporter *isn't* just moving things from one place to another.
Just because the effect isn't reliably reproducible doesn't mean that
it can't happen.  And, again, there are canonical sources that describe
in detail that the transporter works by destroying the original.  Just
because you snip that information from other messages when you reply to
them doesn't mean that it hasn't been posted.

Bottom line: sometimes the transporter works one way, sometimes
another.  There are canonical examples that "prove" both.


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