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IIUC, it is not the bone doner’s death but the death of the sharer. They have more bones than are ever made into Sharing Knives. I think it was mentioned in one of the books that, “leg bones came two at a time but hearts only one.”

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It might be possible to take a complete set of finger or toe bones, form them into a 'spear', and use them to 'Gift' the Lakewalker's death.

Then, separate the bones and use each as a spear tip/arrowhead.

This would 'spread' a death across multiple projectiles, increasing the number of effective weapons for the Lakewalkers.

Be worth a try - as long as someone has a real Sharing Knife in reserve.
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> Ok. Here's a question. If Arkady ever has to amputate Lakewalker's leg, can a sharing knife be .ade from the thighbone?  If the patient survives will anything happen when the knife is used. Will the malice death kill the donor or just cause migraines/nausea/whatever .  could the. bones from Dag's hand or my foot be used for malice killing arrowheads? If I were a Lakewalker

I will point out that TWO steps are necessary to make a sharing knife. The first is making the knife (out of Lakewalker bones) and binding it to a Lakewalker. The 2nd step is when that knife is plunged into the still beating heart of that Lakewalker. That knife is now primed and can share death when it strikes a malice. Thus, the real question is whether the original Lakewalker bone must come from a dead Lakewalker or not.

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