[LMB] OT: Only you can prevent forest fires

Pouncer pouncer at aol.com
Mon Sep 14 14:23:06 BST 2020

Also Listbiz,  the debate over preserving nature versus deliberate
controlled burns to control fuel loading and wildfires covers more
than the US / California spectrum of politics.  The New South
Wales / Australia "bush"fires generate the sames sorts of discussion.
Brazil suffers as well, though many of the fires there are set as part of
their own "terraforming" efforts, to kill native New World trees,
burn the  stumps, and plant (often Old World) crops in the ashes.
This process are locally referred to as "slash and burn" agriculture.

In canon we don't know much about the lightly mentioned 50,000
Firsters or the Passage through the Fire, except that the latter
afflicted the former. It may be the "Fire" was an astronomical
phenomenon -- like the real life historical Carrington Event of
1859.  (I have some affection for this idea as it would help
explain why the high-tech stuff the colonists brought with them
all seemed to disappear. )  But it's also possible the "fire"
was related to terraforming.  Some effort to clear out the
xeno-biology and make way for Terran crops and colonies -- that
got waaay out of hand. My third conjecture is that the space-side
colonists -- as some did in Komarr's early history -- decided
it would be a good idea to smack the planet with some sort
of comet or meteors to remedy some perceived defect.  This,
too, might have gotten out of hand in fiery fashion.

I see no particularly compelling evidence to invoke global
climatic trends to explain changes in wildfire frequency or intensity

in any local jurisdiction.  Politicians shifting blame from
their own policies to 'vast forces beyond our control', however,
is so often evident for any sort of problem that I default
to that assumption.

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