[LMB] Sharing knives

Pouncer pouncer at aol.com
Mon Sep 14 14:38:09 BST 2020

Kevin Kennedy asks:

 >If Arkady ever has to amputate a Lakewalker's leg, can a
 >sharing knife be made from the thighbone? If the patient
 >survives will anything happen when the knife is used.

The malice learns about death from the HEART'S "donor".
The bone (we have canonical testimony that arms are sometimes
if rarely used as well as legs) has an affinity for the
heart's death but it's not clear that the BONE has had to
"learn about death" in order to develop that affinity. The
affinity seems to arise from Lakewalker tribal or family
associations alone, not the shared Lakewalker idea of death.

It is morbidly amusing to contemplate the idea of teaching
a malice about human afflictions aside from death.  Create
a blade that teaches about migraine headaches, maybe.  Or that
shares crippling arthritis and lung congestion.

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