[LMB] Sharing knives

Joel Polowin jpolowin at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 14 16:13:43 BST 2020

"Richard G. Molpus" <rgmolpus at flash.net> wrote:
 > It might be possible to take a complete set of finger or toe bones,
> form them into a 'spear', and use them to 'Gift' the Lakewalker's
> death.
> Then, separate the bones and use each as a spear tip/arrowhead.

I'm not seeing how one would make a strong sharp pointy thing
from a bunch of tiny bones.

Pouncer <pouncer at aol.com> wrote:
> It is morbidly amusing to contemplate the idea of teaching
> a malice about human afflictions aside from death.  Create
> a blade that teaches about migraine headaches, maybe.  Or that
> shares crippling arthritis and lung congestion.

Oh great, just what we need: a *cranky* malice.

I know that these things do far, far more than to make their human
sufferers merely cranky.  But a malice's body seems to be just dust
held together by the power of its ground.  It doesn't have a structure
that can be harmed; it doesn't have internal organs -- see what happens
when Whit shoots one with his crossbow.


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