[LMB] Curse like Captain Haddock

Pouncer pouncer at aol.com
Sat Sep 19 22:22:49 BST 2020

The characteristic argot of fantasy pirates begins, as noted,
with Robert Louis Stevenson's Long John Silver.  Here's a pirate
who curses and blows and frightens children without actually
refering to theology or scatology or sex. Amazing. The language
was emphasized 1950s Disney version of "Treasure Island" and Silver,
and Disney continued the concept into the "Pirates of the
Carribean."  Pirates "curse" but don't "swear".

My favorite contributor was Herge's Captain Haddock.  He, too,
avoided curses, well, except for the comic style grawlixes. The
maledictions and insults would contribute to any young reader's
vocabulary. Billions of blue blistering boiled and barbecued
barnacles! Anthropophagus! Ostrogoth! Bougainvillea! Ten thousand
thundering typhoons! Gibbering anthropoids! Lubberly logarithm! ...

How come in the usual mundane media celebrations of "Talk like
a Pirate Day" we don't get such glorious stuff?

Anyhow, ObBujold, Haddok used "moujik" as a synonym for "peasant"
and I wonder if Miles and other Barrayarans might consider the
word they more often apply -- "prole" -- to be a step up?

And to keep this short for those less amused:




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