[LMB] OT: More words that I HATE!!

Harvey Fishman fishman at panix.com
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I am not looking; I am listening. The OED, which you do have to pay for, 
includes sound examples of U.K. and American pronunciations of its 
words, and you can hear the 'l' in each case.


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>Cambridge's online dictionary lists both UK and US pronunciations.  Neither
>has an 'l' sound.  Can't check the OED, they charge.  They also concern
>themselves with the history of words - are you sure you're not looking at
>an archaic pronunciation?  Because I've never heard anyone speak that way -
>even the accents that pronounce "water" as "wa'a".  Even they don't have an
>L in those words.
>Matt "the 3 is silent" G.
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