[LMB] OT: How Things Are At the Millerdome

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Hang in there.

Christian, husband, father, granddaddy, son, American. Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me.
William A Wenrich
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We have nothing to complain about. The beloved spouse was already working
from home four days a week due to his long commute when Stuff Went Nuts. He
switched to 5/5 without much difficulty. Both my kids had school-issued
Chromebooks anyway. They finished the spring semester, which in my son's
case was his last semester of high school, with okay grades. My son, not
the social butterfly, chose not to go to his socially-distanced etc.
graduation ceremony in July, but that's just him. He probably wouldn't have
wanted to go if he'd graduated in an ordinary year anyway. Now my daughter
is doing 9th grade as distance learning again and my son is doing a job
internship -- with masks -- locally. The latest wrinkle is that a friend is
staying with us for nearly two weeks. Started last Monday, will go through
next Thursday when her new apartment becomes available at the first of the
month. Luckily, we had a fold out couch and a spare room.
It was only today that I thought of a good way to describe the situation.
We have four introverts -- five, temporarily -- compelled to share a space
24/7. To paraphrase Miles, it works better when it's a *big* house.
Fortunately, it's big enough. Everybody has a door they can close. But it's
taken us time to work out the protocols for the situation -- how to signal
you want to talk, or you want to read, or you want to internet, when you
spend most of the day in the same room with someone. I'm sure anyone who's
served Navy tours of duty on small ships has had the same social problems.
Fortunately we all like each other and are not shouty people.
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