[LMB] OT: More Words that I Hate!!

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Names change over time and that (the passage of time and the TOI) was what I think Lois was trying to show. Consider Serge to Serg and Padmaker to Parma for how other names changed.

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> Dear, dear list, you've been part of my daily life for at least 20 years.  Lois spells Ekaterin **without** a terminal E. Ekaterin, not Ekaterine. Ekaterine *with* the terminal E is a perfectly legitimate spelling, but it's not the one Lois uses.

Hear, hear.  I notice that too, in many posts.  But that's okay -- I have accepted that many people are just not spelling-oriented.  As when I email someone, with my name in the email address and the signature, spelled with a K, and their reply begins, "Cathy".

Katherine (with a terminal e, and an initial K)

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