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Replying to Eric: that V for W was IIRC a Cockney mannerism in the early C19 - Marryat (Peter Simple) also refers to it. It has lapsed since, but I cannot remember why or exactly when. In other parts of the country "waistcoat" might be "weskit", as Tolkien puts it into the mouth of Ham Gamgee.

I believe also that (pace my countryman Mr Wilson) Johnson, on our side of the pond, had at least as much to do with the divergence of spelling as Webster on the other side. But I am very open to correction on this point.


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I've noticed that in Dickens' attempts at proletarian speech, "W" is usually pronounced "V,"  At least in the early stuff---Sam Weller in The Pickwick Papers talks that way, forex.

When did that come in and from where, and when did it drop out?

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> >Americans also consciously attempted to reform spelling and 
> >pronunciation to distinguish themselves from the British 
> >post-Revolution.  It's why 'waistcoat' isn't pronounced 'veskit' on this side of the pond.
> Or this, since Victorian times. :)
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