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Rico also spoke very admiringly of Magsaysay, a hero of the Philippines.

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> Anyone reading SF and a lot of fantasy from the past would notice that
> there were old men and young men, but something drastic must have happened
> for women, because there are only some young women and very few old ones.
> Elizabeth Moon and Bujold have made some corrections in that perception,
> but in the vast majority of SF and fantasy, old women somehow just don't
> exist. And that if there are more than two women, some readers will feel
> the women have taken over.
> In the Peter Grant books by Aaronovitch, Grant is very good at giving good
> descriptions of the skin color of everyone he meets because he's biracial.
> But again, in older SF and fantasy the default is white, and only the
> exceptions (if any) are mentioned.
> As for tokenism, there are a ton of black and brown workers in actual
> hospitals these days, but you would never know it from TV. Bob Hearts
> Abishola is the only show that actually gets that part right (as well as
> giving away physical therapist secrets--I mentioned something I'd seen on
> the show to my physical therapist when I had to get left wrist back, and
> she snickered, because she'd done it herself).
> Let's be real, if someone's race isn't mentioned, most of the readers here
> are going to assume the characters are white. Though Heinlein put an Easter
> Egg in STARSHIP TROOPERS--once I heard the hero spoke Tagalog at home, I
> knew Rico was Filipino (though of course he was whitewashed for the movie).
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