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"Blake's Seven' was a British TV series based around a group of mis-fit semi-revolutionaries. They had been convicts being sent to a prison planet, when an opportunity appeared that allowed them to escape from the prison ship - to what end?

The leader, Roj Blake, wanted to take the fight to the oppressive government. 

Kerr Avon is the brain, cold, calculating, and has a history with the current leader of the Government.

Vila Restal is a thief, lockpicker, and board-certified coward. He likes to get in, steal, and get away as quietly as possible. His friends like to use explosives. He's a bit twitchy.

they keep running, having adventures, and sometimes manage to spoil the government's plans. 

more often than not, they escape with bleeding wounds.

It's good BBC Sci-Fi with all the Special Effects that Dr. Who is famed for.
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