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I agree. “The poor you have always with you.” A family of four with central air conditioning, two TV sets, and two cars is well to do in the early fifties but might be on welfare in the twenty first century. Add in a broadband connection and a laptop (or more) and it’s not possible for anyone in the fifties.
In the early fifties schools were still segregated by law, Truman had just desegregated the army, and Brown v The Board of Education was not until 1954.
On a personal note, when I was stationed in Thailand in 1968, my stepfather told me that I wouldn’t be welcomed home with a Thai wife. He died in 1969. My little sister (10.5 years younger than me) is married to an African American. The whole family was devastated when she miscarried. They have adopted three of his grandchildren (his daughter’s from a previous marriage). I also have several biracial great nephews and nieces.
Attitudes change. Bigots die off.

Christian, husband, father, granddaddy, son, American. Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me.
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> > It's very easy to assume, and take pride in the assumption, that We are
> > Right and Enlightened as opposed to those blithering morons of the past,
> > but how many generations have felt that way, only to have the next
> > generation point out various issues.... it would, perhaps, be preliminary
> > to assume that we've somehow solved this problem.
Piotr was progressive in his day, and by the time Miles came around was
wildly conservative, though his thinking had likely continued along the
original progressive lines.

My grandfather by modern standards was pretty racist, as was evidenced by
the fact that he did not talk to my mother for the entire time she was
married to a black man (my stepfather). But in his era, his racism by
contemporary standards was practically non-existent and would have been
viewed by most of his peers as being far too tolerant. Just like Piotr,
history passed him by. As it will for virtually all of us eventually.

> And each generation is worse off than the previous generation as things
> get better century by century.

Maybe so, maybe not. By the standards of the time, my grandparents were far
better off than I am, and I consider myself to be doing pretty good. There
is a cyclical nature to the human condition, and while generally the trend
is towards better, the real question is not "are we better off" but "has
the metric changed." What exactly is "better?"

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