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Also, something that seems Really, Really Important to people of one time
can be of little importance to those of other times.  As recently as the
early 20th century, Catholics and Protestants were often all but at
daggers-drawn, particularly in small towns.   (This affected my own family;
long story that I don't have time to tell.)  Nowadays, it's almost always
No Big Deal, and doesn't even come up.

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> > > One reason to avoid writing about people that are different is the
> legion
> > > of people who'll jump all over an author who does so for any perceived
> > > mistake.
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> > All the more reason for diversity amongst editors.
> >
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> Granted, but I’ve dealt with a lot of this in queer issues: I’ll write
> something from my perspective as a queer, nonbinary person and be jumped by
> other folks in the lgbtq+ community because I “got it wrong.”  Ummm,
> sunshine, I’m pretty sure I got “me” right. It doesn’t help diversity
> issues when a lot of it is fractured way worse than most religions; if you
> don’t believe exactly the way -I- do then you will be burned for heresy.
> So while the entire industry would be best served as a representative cross
> section of the diversity in the larger culture, Eric’s point is a valid
> one.
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