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Anmar - the circular firing squad you're talking about is all over the place. The feminist movement, what's left of it, is rife with it. Not to mention what's left of the neopagan community! The gods only know where that will end, but the tale of the Kilkenny cats is a pretty good clue.

Yes. "I got ME right. If you don't like it, you all can go do the other thing." is the only possible attitude to take.  It's worse than the 17th century religious wars
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> Also, something that seems Really, Really Important to people of one time
> can be of little importance to those of other times.  As recently as the
> early 20th century, Catholics and Protestants were often all but at
> daggers-drawn, particularly in small towns.   (This affected my own family;
> long story that I don't have time to tell.)  Nowadays, it's almost always
> No Big Deal, and doesn't even come up.

My high school was created by a bequest.   The bequest had it open for free education for residents of Winsted or Barkhamsted, except for people who went to St. John’s elementary school.    I wondered why the elementary school next to St. John’s Catholic church was named St. Anthony’s.
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