[LMB] OT: More words that I HATE!!

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and the classic, "ker-nel" =/= "co-lo-nel".

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> >>>Replying to Eric: that V for W was IIRC a Cockney mannerism in the
> early C19 - Marryat (Peter Simple) also refers to it. It has lapsed since,
> but I cannot remember why or exactly when. In other parts of the country
> "waistcoat" might be "weskit", as Tolkien puts it into the mouth of Ham
> Gamgee.
> >>>
> >>>I believe also that (pace my countryman Mr Wilson) Johnson, on our side
> of the pond, had at least as much to do with the divergence of spelling as
> Webster on the other side. But I am very open to correction on this point.
> >>
> >>I think what Johnson achieved was to *regularise* spelling; up to the
> >>publication of his dictionary, it was far more mutable.
> >>
> >>Webster set out, with malice aforethought, to establish non-British
> >>spellings.
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> >
> >What on Earth is wrong with dropping a 'u' other that it may be
> >non-British??
> Potayto, potahto.  The point was, it was done to be different, rather
> than to be "correct".
> Colo(u)r is pronounced "culler", in reality: neither spelling is
> phonetic.
> The "u" crept in from the French "couleur", which derived ultimately
> from the Latin "color" - so that was the pretext.  But neither spelling
> reflects the pronunciation.
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