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Every since Supreme  Court's ruling on Loving v Virginia, biracial weddings
have expanded across the country. I remember reading Larry Niven's
prediction that most humans would be multi-racial. Of course genetically
speaking we are already multi-racial.

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> > On a personal note, when I was stationed in Thailand in 1968, my
> stepfather told me that I wouldn’t be welcomed home with a Thai wife. He
> died in 1969. My little sister (10.5 years younger than me) is married to
> an African American. The whole family was devastated when she miscarried.
> They have adopted three of his grandchildren (his daughter’s from a
> previous marriage). I also have several biracial great nephews and nieces.
> > Attitudes change. Bigots die off.
> My brother is a retired Marine (bird) Colonel with a Thai (now US) wife
> who just moved to Colorado Springs with his 1-year-old twins (He’s 62, his
> wife is almost 40).   He moved after studying to find good school
> districts.   In North Las Vegas his wife knew other Thai spouses.   The
> pandemic is slowing down them finding friends, but Colorado Springs does
> have a significant retired military population.   And my family is in the
> Denver area.
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