[LMB] Fwd: Re: Old SF

dbernat dbernat at gol.com
Wed Sep 30 17:26:09 BST 2020

markus baur wrote:

> no .. but i would expect the winners and runners-up to be at least
> roughly similarily distributed to sales numbers (after all the hugos
> are supposed to shopw the will of the readers)
> the statistical analysis i saw that the time shows that this was not
> the case - and certain authors or publishing houses that sold VERY
> well were not present in the Hugos at all - whereas other authors and
> publishing hopuses donig not so well by far in sales were massively
> overrepresentated
> this would at least need a good explanation (do note that i say
> nothing about some of the explanations that were tossed around at the
> time)

The Hugos are voted by the fan hardcore. A publishing house that targets 
the hardcore fan base will almost certainly be over-represented in the 

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