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 The fan hardcore and the ones who can afford to buy a supportive
membership. It isn't everyone who buys the books.

I would have liked to vote but it's too expensive for me so . . .

The closest I've come to buying a supporting membership is the whole sad
puppy situation. Them and their insistence that the only reason the books
won is because of political correctness and didn't really have a good story
and so didn't deserve to win.

A good story is a good story. I just don't think people agree on what a
good story is. And the sad puppies took other people disagreeing with them
on what the good stories as a personal insult, as somehow proof that
everyone who voted for them was voting for the books they voted for because
of political correctness. They didn't realize that everyone doesn't like
the same story.

On Wed, Sep 30, 2020, 12:27 PM dbernat <dbernat at gol.com> wrote:

> markus baur wrote:
> > no .. but i would expect the winners and runners-up to be at least
> > roughly similarily distributed to sales numbers (after all the hugos
> > are supposed to shopw the will of the readers)
> >
> > the statistical analysis i saw that the time shows that this was not
> > the case - and certain authors or publishing houses that sold VERY
> > well were not present in the Hugos at all - whereas other authors and
> > publishing hopuses donig not so well by far in sales were massively
> > overrepresentated
> >
> > this would at least need a good explanation (do note that i say
> > nothing about some of the explanations that were tossed around at the
> > time)
> The Hugos are voted by the fan hardcore. A publishing house that targets
> the hardcore fan base will almost certainly be over-represented in the
> Hugos.
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