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Zan, I'm not sure why you conclude that people who were put on the Sad
Puppies slate (or 'slate') if you prefer couldn't want to be left out
because they too were disgusted all on their own about the goings-on by
that group at the time. As opposed to being cruelly oppressed by peer
pressure. For a start, they were apparently not asked before being dragged
into the middle of a newly kindled controversy. That is, at the very least,
not polite. (Side note: the way he handled this unwanted honor made me a
permanent fan of Chuck Tingle's.)
Also, keep in mind that the split between Sad and Rabid was not present at
the beginning. The Sads invited That Guy into their initial team, so some
of that is on them. (I go to his personal website sometimes, incognito, to
goggle. He's mostly drifted away from science fiction into straight QAnon

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> > The Three-Body Problem
> <613: Threesome - explain xkcd <
> https://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/613:_Threesome>>
>> Alfred Adler—“Do the wrong thing or feel guilty, but not both.”
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