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Zan Lynx zlynx at acm.org
Wed Sep 30 20:52:29 BST 2020

On 9/30/20 12:41 PM, Louann Miller wrote:
> Zan, I'm not sure why you conclude that people who were put on the Sad
> Puppies slate (or 'slate') if you prefer couldn't want to be left out
> because they too were disgusted all on their own about the goings-on by
> that group at the time. As opposed to being cruelly oppressed by peer
> pressure. For a start, they were apparently not asked before being dragged
> into the middle of a newly kindled controversy. That is, at the very least,
> not polite. (Side note: the way he handled this unwanted honor made me a
> permanent fan of Chuck Tingle's.)

I am sure that some of them had their own opinions. Others were under 
threat. Heck, there are idiots out on the Internet who blame authors 
because John Ringo or Larry Correia like their books. As if being liked 
by the "wrong people" is bad.

Me personally, I think the Sad Puppy lists should have *ignored* 
author's desires to not be on the list. It's the same deal: An author 
does not have control over who likes their book. People giving awards 
should not care what the recipient thinks of it.

But anyway, Sad Puppy opponents cannot have it both ways and bully 
people off the Sad Puppy list (or even, as you said, let them refuse to 
be listed) and then AT THE SAME TIME accuse the Sad Puppies of excluding 
those people. I hope that we can agree on that.

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