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What is even repent Harlequin?

And I'm thinking a slow gradual change will be less noticable then a sharp

On Wed, Sep 30, 2020, 5:02 PM dbernat <dbernat at gol.com> wrote:

> Ruchira Mathur wrote:
> > A good story is a good story. I just don't think people agree on what a
> > good story is. And the sad puppies took other people disagreeing with
> > them
> > on what the good stories as a personal insult, as somehow proof that
> > everyone who voted for them was voting for the books they voted for
> > because
> > of political correctness. They didn't realize that everyone doesn't
> > like
> > the same story.
> There is no sharp discontinuity in tastes over the past decade or so.
> Certainly nothing like the sharp shift that began with "Repent
> Harlequin".
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