[LMB] OT: can't skip to the end of an ebook?

Sue Wartell swartell at gmail.com
Mon Jun 7 16:54:09 BST 2021

Someone whose identity I lost track of in nested comments said of
booksellers re: pare copies:
“And they don't break into your house and steal it when you die.”

Me:  and to me that’s one of the advantages of ebooks!  Why should I add to
the burdens of my nearest and dearest when I’m gone?  I certainly won’t
need the books then!  And between my tastes and my reading speed, the vast
majority of my books would go to Half Price Books, recycling, or the
landfill, depending on who is making the choice.

If there is something I want to “own” for some reason, I can always choose
to buy hard copy too. And if it’s something I wish to pass along to future
generations, I’ll get the hard cover version if available. But I can be
selective about it, so the stuff that’s important to me isn’t lost in all
the other books, which may have been highly entertaining while I read them
but which won’t likely be re-read.


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