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Two things about PTSD. 
It is usually considered in concert with combat but that is not necessary. The people who fly drones from Nevada have been affected, also, police and firefighters. 
The second is that although PTSD is the newest name, I suspect that all of the wars and high stress jobs have been included back to the beginning of history. It may explain some of the less than optimal actions of leaders after a war.

Beatrice Otter:

Define "usually." Feminists were talking about PTSD and rape survivors back in the 70s. Mental health professionals and the adjacent disciplines have spent the last 30 years or so dramatically widening the scope of what things are known to cause PTSD. In particular is the growing understanding of C-PTSD, or Complex PTSD, which is where the traumatic thing isn't just One Really Bad Thing but rather a constant stream of small really bad things which the victim can't escape. Of course, stuff like that can take a while to filter out into the popular culture.

If you're interested in what is currently known about trauma, I would recommend reading The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel van der Kolk, a very good (and lay-friendly) introduction to trauma, how it affects the mind and body, and various treatment modalities. Robert Scaer also has some good books on the subject (The Body Bears The Burden and The Trauma Spectrum) but they are more technical.

Beatrice Otter

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