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In my own case, insofar as I have it (I don't have most of the symptoms 
I've read about, just a strong, bad startle reaction) I'd lay it at the 
door of "too much excitement at home of the wrong time when I was too young 
to handle it."  Alcoholic parents are SO much fun... 

Beatrice Otter:

Have you ever heard of and specifically looked into Complex PTSD? CPTSD is what happens when you have a lot of little traumas rather than one big ones, and "unstable/abusive childhood" is probably THE most common causes. People with CPTSD may or may not have the "big/obvious" problems like flashbacks and stuff, but they're highly likely to have emotional dysregulation, negative self-image, and interpersonal problems. Plus they often have physical illnesses that ultimately trace back to their CPTSD, because the brain has learned that it has to be always on the brink of fight/flight/freeze, so it slows down several other parts of the body (including the digestive system and the immune system) to prepare for attack.

Beatrice Otter

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