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I hadn't heard of that.  I'll have to look it up.

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> In my own case, insofar as I have it (I don't have most of the symptoms
> I've read about, just a strong, bad startle reaction) I'd lay it at the
> door of "too much excitement at home of the wrong time when I was too
> young
> to handle it."  Alcoholic parents are SO much fun...
> Beatrice Otter:
> Have you ever heard of and specifically looked into Complex PTSD? CPTSD is
> what happens when you have a lot of little traumas rather than one big
> ones, and "unstable/abusive childhood" is probably THE most common causes.
> People with CPTSD may or may not have the "big/obvious" problems like
> flashbacks and stuff, but they're highly likely to have emotional
> dysregulation, negative self-image, and interpersonal problems. Plus they
> often have physical illnesses that ultimately trace back to their CPTSD,
> because the brain has learned that it has to be always on the brink of
> fight/flight/freeze, so it slows down several other parts of the body
> (including the digestive system and the immune system) to prepare for
> attack.
> Beatrice Otter
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