[LMB] books for sale on Amazon

Matija Grabnar lmb at matija.com
Sat Jun 19 08:55:25 BST 2021

On 19/06/2021 01:20, Elizabeth Holden wrote:
> (Besides, one can't just choose to go live in another country. A hundred
> years ago, maybe. Just try it now. There's not much that could tempt me to
> live outside Canada, but if I had to... cheaply available books might be
> it.)
Sure one can. I did. So did most of my coworkers. I haven't seen many 
posts on this list from countries which are hard to move from. Now if 
you don't want to move, because you like living where you do, you do 
you. But that doesn't mean "you can't choose".

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