[LMB] panel discussion of The Curse of Chalion

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 01:49:19 BST 2021

Just a quick thought after listening to the talk:

There's a nice distinction between choice being limited by external
constraints, and choice being limited by *internal* constraints.  Cazaril
isn't initially compelled or forced in any obvious way.  It's as though the
gods are digging ditches for water to flow down and take the path of least
resistance, with what counts as 'least resistance' depending on Cazaril's
psychology.  It takes quite a while for Caz to recognize that he's being
herded and choose with conscious awareness of the wider scope.

It's especially clear that the gods can introduce ideas and impulses to
human minds.  How different minds react to those suggestions is out of
their control.

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