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Depending on where you live, you could handwrite a holographic will (or
olographic testament) in most cases a witness is not needed but the will
has to clearly show you wrote it. It has to be hand-written. I suggest you
look up Wikipedia and your local ordinances to see if it's valid. Sometimes
a video recording in conjunction with the hand-written will could work.

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> > Thanks, but I am a hermit and a will would require finding witnesses and
> that is a bother. I keep and maintain a list of all required accounts and
> such and my sister regularly gets a copy. She has been made joint on my
> bank accounts and has my passwords to other things. My affairs are real
> simple and the will is too much bother.
> My brother wrote a handwritten, no witness will and mailed it to our
> sister the day before he killed himself. It was legal. No one disputed what
> he had bequeathed so we would have followed it anyway, but it would have
> been easier to be able to disregard distributing some items that required
> tracking down distant cousins who didn’t want the worthless items they
> inherited from him.
> He did leave a big mess with the IRS, but that’s another story.
> Janet in TN
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