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that is a nice idea



On 24.06.2021 18:21, Matija Grabnar via Lois-Bujold wrote:
> On 24/06/2021 03:17, Matthew George wrote:
>> Mostly because of the *diseases*?  How well would the people of the
>> Americas have fared, given how the Romans treated the nations surrounding
>> them?
> It would depend on the period of the Romans, right? The republic was not 
> the same as the later empire.
> Oooh, I just got an idea for a alternate history setting: Mark Anthony 
> does not form an alliance with Octavian, but instead joins a bunch of 
> other citizens and their flotilla flees west, pursued by Octavian. The 
> flight takes them to Canary islands, where they take on provisions, and 
> head west. Octavian follows the coast of Africa and loses their trail.
> After a very lucky journey, Mark Anthony hits the Bahamas, and goes 
> about building a new Rome (on Cuba? or on Florida?). They cooperate 
> better with the natives than Columbus did, partly because they don't 
> have prejudice against pagans, partly because they no longer have a 
> mother country which can send reinforcements. And they continue to 
> develop their civilization, without interference from Visigoths. They 
> expand over the continent and establish trade routes to Japan and China.
> So, 1500 years later, when the spanish navigator comes to their shores, 
> he is met by steam-powered ships with SPQR written on the sides and 
> armed with rockets.

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