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As  I recall, the first change was that Hess, instead of being arrested almost immediately when he landed, was able to meet with and agree with the circle of influential people who subsequently carried out the coup.  That led to a “peace treaty” in 1942, Churchill was made Duke of London and promoted to the House of Lords, where he had no executive power, and so on and so on.

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> It doesn’t need for Churchill to have died.   Check out the trilogy by Jo Walton called “Small Change” – the books are Farthing, Sixpence and Half a Crown.   He gets politically sidelined in the first book.
> I find this trilogy to be far more frightening than most, because far more believable.   The little sounding notes throughout of:
> “you can have him, just leave me alone” – shows how easy it is for democracy to die, and systematic persecution to become the means of government.

Yes, very unsettling; you can see how the country (Britain) could have just slid into that.  It's been a while since I read Farthing and the others; isn't it just that the early policy of appeasement was never changed?  And extrapolate the consequences from there.

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