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Sun May 2 21:55:52 BST 2021

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My daughter wants to read work on AO³ but it says that she needs an invitation. I don't remember this being required.


Authors can lock works so that they can only be read by members of the Archive. To make an account, you need an invitation (this is done to control the rate at which new accounts are created). Invitations are easy to get; you can either submit a request to the archive (https://archiveofourown.org/invite_requests) or get an invitation from someone who already has an account. I don't know that they do this any more, but they used to give existing users invitations to hand out so that people would bypass the queue. I have invitations; if you give me her email, I can send her an invitation. She'll get an email inviting her to make an account.

Beatrice Otter

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