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AKICOTL:  For AO3 super-users:

How would one go about soliciting collaborators for a
shared fic project on AO³ ? Suppose a lead author lays
out a basic story/plot about a Dendarrii mission. But
contributors tell it over and over in a Rashomon fashion.
Here's Tung's viewpoint; here is Baz's; here is Elena's;
here is Arde Mayhew's...  Any such works in the archive

Beatrice Otter:

There are a ton of works that are co-written; for example, in the Vorkosigan fandom, one of the most popular stories is the "A Deeper Season" series by lightgetsin and Sahiya (https://archiveofourown.org/series/1516). In that series, there are a lot of smaller fics that are written by one or the other, and the larger fics are co-written.

As to the soliciting/writing part of it, that's up to whoever's participating. How you figure out the plot and who writes what varies from team to team depending on what works for the creators involved. (Which is not necessarily just writers; it might also be artists or podficcers. When it's an author/artist collaboration, usually the author writes the story and then the artist creates art, but sometimes it's the other way around.)

When it comes time to post, one creator posts it and in the posting interface there's a ticky box for "Add co-authors?" and then fills in the co-creators' pseud(s). Et voila.

Beatrice Otter

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