[LMB] Happy Birthday, Tom Vinson!

adkinslawfirm at mindspring.com adkinslawfirm at mindspring.com
Mon May 3 14:35:16 BST 2021

To celebrate this most festive of days, Beta Colony opens its ports to you.  Being thoroughly familiar with desert heat, feel free to decline with thanks the desert hiking on offer.  Let's just say, after a visit to the zoo, you quite understand why the Tau Cetan lizard is so happy there.

Then you're off to lunch with Dr. Naismith and some of her friends next to a small but delightful fountain.  It provides an understated background to the wide-ranging conversations you're accustomed to enjoying at gatherings of Bujold enthusiasts and like-minded folks.  

The food is pleasant and the menu well put-together with a variety of harmonizing notes: spicy, cool, savory, sweet.  Your reactions and opinions are eagerly sought, the culinary expertise of your spouse being widely known.  An especially anxious server has a familiar, definitely non-Betan accent; perhaps Ma Kosti has sent a descendant or connection to further extend her repertoire?

Several of your new friends are of scientific turns of mind and work; tours of all sorts of research labs are open to you: genetics labs, weapons research, even that rather odd herm doing dubious things to Necklin rods.  Should you wish a nap afterwards, I recommend beside the pleasant fountain, rather than Dr. Naismith's infamously lumpy couch.

Have a fantastic day!

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