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Elin B elbju at yahoo.se
Mon May 3 20:59:58 BST 2021

Do you have a date for the strip? I could see if it's in any of the print collections of Pogo that I own and take a photo of it. It won't be the best resolution, though.


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    Den måndag 3 maj 2021 18:22:30 CEST, James M. BRYANT G4CLF <james at jbryant.eu> skrev:  
 Does anyone have a copy of the famous Pogo
strip about the possibility of intelligent
aliens: "Either way, it's a mighty sobering
thought"? Google image is not my friend (it
may be that European copyright filters cut
it out). If so please email to me offlist.

I tried to read the archive and got garbage
when I opened the .gz folder. What should I
be using?

James - with thanks in advance 
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