[LMB] Listbiz

Melanie Dymond Harper mel at herald.co.uk
Wed May 5 12:08:29 BST 2021

Sharon mentions that Gmail were marking messages as junk. Helpful of 
them. Those of you using Gmail, if you have a means of marking list 
messages as "these are not junk, thanks, I actually wanted them" then 
that would probably be quite helpful ;)

On the plus side, Yahoo/AOL/Verizon are now accepting list mail again 
rather than complaining about the volume. Whether they are just dumping 
it into a junk folder is anyone's guess, but at least it's leaving 
here. I've also dealt with a similar, but smaller, issue with mail going 
to me.com (Apple).

So, there is currently no undeliverable mail stacked up on this side. If 
you aren't seeing list mail at this point, then the first place to look 
would be your junk folder. I will probably be adding a few tweaks which 
should improve delivery in the shortish term, but at this point actually 
having all the mail leaving the server is a win!

("it didn't used to be this hard" no, you are so very right; trying to 
get even moderately-bulk levels of mail out of the door has got way, way 
more difficult than it used to be, because of spammers, malware & so 



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