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Gretchen Wright gretchen.m.wright at gmail.com
Wed May 5 13:22:23 BST 2021

GMail user here: yesterday my list messages were all coming with the gray
banner "This message was not sent to spam because of a filter you created"
but today that's no longer the case. So hopefully the algorithms have
figured it out.


On Wed, May 5, 2021 at 7:12 AM Melanie Dymond Harper <mel at herald.co.uk>

> Sharon mentions that Gmail were marking messages as junk. Helpful of
> them. Those of you using Gmail, if you have a means of marking list
> messages as "these are not junk, thanks, I actually wanted them" then
> that would probably be quite helpful ;)
> On the plus side, Yahoo/AOL/Verizon are now accepting list mail again
> rather than complaining about the volume. Whether they are just dumping
> it into a junk folder is anyone's guess, but at least it's leaving
> here. I've also dealt with a similar, but smaller, issue with mail going
> to me.com (Apple).
> So, there is currently no undeliverable mail stacked up on this side. If
> you aren't seeing list mail at this point, then the first place to look
> would be your junk folder. I will probably be adding a few tweaks which
> should improve delivery in the shortish term, but at this point actually
> having all the mail leaving the server is a win!
> ("it didn't used to be this hard" no, you are so very right; trying to
> get even moderately-bulk levels of mail out of the door has got way, way
> more difficult than it used to be, because of spammers, malware & so
> on.)
> Cheers
> Mel
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